Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kaiser Workers: "SEIU-UHW Is Like a Wounded Beast"

SEIU: Stalking and knocking 24/7

Here’s the latest news from the Kaiser election... which offers more signs of desperation from SEIU-UHW.

First, workers report that SEIU organizers have become far more aggressive during their visits to workers’ homes... including stalking workers by waiting outside their homes until they return from work; calling workers’ relatives and trying to squeeze information and telephone numbers out of them; and spewing more outrageous lies and disinformation.

Meanwhile, at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center, workers report that SEIU-UHW Field Rep Vicki Jackson is literally begging workers for their votes -- just like Fola Afariogun did in recent days. Earlier this week, Vicki Jackson reportedly visited the hospital’s housekeeping department and began crying in front of workers in an effort to win sympathy votes. 

Here’s a report from one worker:

SEIU rep at oakland was crying and telling EVS workers she will miss them. But where was she when all the EVS workers were laid off 2 yrs ago? I bet they were crying too! And there are still many per diem EVS workers working full schedules for years who are not given the benefits they are legally entitled to!

Another worker wrote:

Where were you all when we needed you. we have a Seiu rep at Oakland Kaiser. not seen him for couple years. guess what. now, day and night, he's all over the Hospital. shame on you all.

Another worker said:

I'm sooo disgusted by SEIU I have no sympathy for whatever happens to the reps...sorry just being honest

So why are Jackson and Afariogun really crying? 

Because they know that they will never find such a cushy, six-figure, no-work job ever again! Last year, Jackson pocketed $103,447 from SEIU-UHW, according to the union’s Form LM-2! (Click image to enlarge it.)

Meanwhile... in Southern California, purple organizers are pushing the same “vote-for-me-cuz-I’m-pathetic” strategy.

At Kaiser Downey Medical Center’s Orchard Clinic, an SEIU-UHW shop steward reportedly ordered a mandatory meeting in the EVS Department so that SEIU-UHW's organizers could plead for workers’ votes. Apparently, the organizers told workers:  

SEIU is losing right now, and if we lose, then all the union staff will get fired.

Cry me some tears!  

So are workers buying what SEIU’s selling? 

The Purple Beast
Doesn’t sound like it. After all, these purple MoFos have been riding the six-figure gravy train for years while SEIU-UHW let Kaiser lay off 1,000 workers, cut workers' benefits and pensions, boost workloads, fire people at will, increase union dues… and even stick workers with a f*cking Partnership Tax!

Observers say SEIU's actions are signs of desperation. As one worker put it: “SEIU is like a wounded beast.”

So... will workers succeed in vanquishing the Purple Beast? 

It all depends on whether they get their ballots in the mail (ballots will not be counted unless the worker signs the back of the return envelope). And ballots must be in the hands of the NLRB by April 29 -- just twelve days away!