Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Judge Dumps SEIU-UHW’s Dirty Trick in Kaiser Election

As Tasty predicted, SEIU-UHW is employing more dirty tricks in the election at Kaiser Permanente. Today, one of SEIU's tricks was unceremoniously tossed onto the garbage by a judge in Northern California. 

Here’s what happened.

At Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center, SEIU-UHW apparently realized it was rapidly losing workers’ support. So SEIU hatched a scheme to try to lock out NUHW’s and CNA’s organizers from the hospital during the entire voting period.


It’s a trick that many workers have seen before. An SEIU-UHW person instigates an aggressive confrontation with you… and then suddenly starts screaming, “Assault! Assault! Did you see that? S/he touched me… Assault, assault!”

It’s ridiculous and pathetic, but hey… it’s SEIU.

In this particular case, Linda Hunter -- an apparently well-known bully at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center -- was the purple fabricator. Hunter is an SEIU-UHW shop steward and a member of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board. And she’s reportedly super skilled at cutting secret deals with Kaiser’s managers -- like she did when she was recently SEIU-UHW’s Contract Specialist.   

Just before the ballots were mailed out, Hunter went up to a CNA organizer, ripped leaflets out of his hand, tore them up… and then claimed she’d been “assaulted!”

Hunter quickly filed complaints with Kaiser’s H.R. and the police, and even requested a temporary restraining order at the local courthouse. She then asked her partners in Kaiser’s H.R. Department to stop the CNA organizer from stepping foot inside the hospital during the voting period.

Kaiser’s H.R. Department tried to do its best to help Hunter. But there was one fatal flaw to SEIU’s plot -- Hunter’s claims were totally and completely fabricated. The police, the court and even Kaiser’s H.R. dismissed all of her bullsh*t claims.

This morning, a judge hurled Hunter’s bogus request for a restraining order into the judicial garbage can. Sources say Hunter scurried from the courthouse with her tail between her legs.

Hunter could now face trouble for perjuring herself and abusing the court’s limited resources, say sources. And... if she ever actually needs the court to do something for her, she’s gonna have a hard time getting a judge to believe her. All of Hunter’s perjured claims are now part of the public record.

Tasty wonders which of the geniuses over at SEIU-UHW instructed Hunter to put a match to her reputation. It could have been Carolyn Conter, an organizer who’s also part of the $100,000-a-year club at SEIU-UHW. Conter has been camped out at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center for months, say sources.

Or it might’ve been Octavio Velarde, who was recently spotted slithering around on the floor inside the hospital. Here’s a pic. (That's Octavio hiding between the couch and the planter.)

What about SEIU-UHW’s ex-cop Elvis fraudster?  Unlikely, say Tasty’s sources. Apparently, Dave Regan has transferred him to a new assignment... perhaps he's now responsible for revamping SEIU’s Department of Fraud and Dirty Tricks!