Thursday, April 4, 2013

Workers Deliver Smackdown to SEIU-UHW over Dishonest Election Trick at Kaiser

SEIU-UHW’s latest act of dishonesty has sparked an angry backlash from workers at Kaiser Permanente.

After running an election campaign filled with lies, myths, and half-truths, SEIU-UHW is trying to cap it off with perhaps the biggest lie of all -- that workers support SEIU!  

On the eve of the election, SEIU-UHW is distributing glossy fold-out flyers filled with photos of Kaiser workers who SEIU-UHW claims are voting Purple in the NLRB election.

Except... they’re not!

In fact, SEIU-UHW included photos of workers who haven’t worked at Kaiser for years, including workers who were fired after SEIU-UHW failed to represent them!  SEIU even added photos of dozens of workers who are campaigning aggressively for NUHW.

What's going on?

It's clear that SEIU doesn’t have enough supporters, so Dave Regan apparently ordered his buddy Steve Trossman to do whatever it takes to hide SEIU's plummeting support. And they’re hoping that nobody will notice their purple lie.

Fortunately, that’s not the case! Check out this fiery letter from one group of workers (see full letter below):

Dear Colleagues… We don’t appreciate the fact that SEIU used our pictures to deceive our coworkers. We want to be clear: we’re voting NUHW-CNA because honesty and integrity are better than dirty tricks.

They already lied to us when they told us there weren’t any cuts in our contract. Now they’ve pulled this stunt. It’s pretty clear that this is how SEIU goes about their business.

We expect that many others in this piece feel the same way we do. Please join us in rejecting SEIU’s dishonest tactics and voting for NUHW-CNA.

Sounds like SEIU-UHW will be getting a well-deserved smackdown from workers... who, by the way, should expect SEIU to cook up more dirty tricks for this election.