Sunday, April 28, 2013

SEIU Staffer Takes Detour during Kaiser Election

Are you a Kaiser worker who waited patiently for Pushy Purple People to knock on your door… but they never actually showed up?

If so… Tasty may have an explanation.

It turns out that many of the SEIU staffers who parachuted into California were totally star-struck by the Golden State… and got tied up by a bit of sight-seeing on the way to your house!

How does Tasty know this?

Luckily, the SEIU staffers carefully documented their extra-curricular activities with tons of pics on the internet.

Check out these pictures from Aryeh Alex, one of SEIU’s “Political Capacity Organizers.” Aryeh normally works in Columbus, Ohio -- where it was 25 degrees and snowing when he jetted to California for the Kaiser election.  

Here’s a picture of Aryeh in Ohio, where last year he pocketed a salary of $103,391 from the Purple Palace:

And here’s Aryeh in California:

Notice the difference!

Here’s a pic of Aryeh with his SEIU-UHW identification badge, which gave him access to Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center.

B/t/w, Aryeh is a big fan of Contract Buddy!

Aryeh was super impressed by the slogan: "Orange you glad..." They don't think of that kind of stuff in Ohio!

And here are some pictures from Aryeh’s sight-seeing visits with his ladyfriend... the Golden Gate Bridge Santa Cruz Beach Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Elephant Seal Beach the Hilton Hotel for wine tasting in Sonoma County! Ano Nuevo State Beach Big Basin Redwoods State Park Treasure Island Google's headquarters

 Whew! Tasty is f*cking exhausted. 

So what was Aryeh's favorite moment during his California adventure? 

He def'ly enjoyed all the sight-seeing... but he says he absolutely loved “the daily access to the hotel gym and elliptical. Guess I’m getting a gym membership when I get home in a few days.” Hey Kaiser workers, thanks for paying all that dues money so Aryeh could have a super incredible hotel stay... and California adventure.

In case you're wondering why Aryeh is sooo thrilled by all this stuff, here's a hint. In his younger days, Aryeh was a "civil war reenactor." SEIU sure knows how to pick 'em!