Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Pushy Purple People" Target Workers' Doors in Kaiser Election

More signs of desperation are emerging from inside SEIU-UHW.

Last week, Dave Regan reportedly ordered all of the union’s back-office staff to work full-time on SEIU-UHW’s door-knocking campaign -- including all of the union’s accountants, secretaries, clerical staff, administrative assistants, book keepers, etc. Sources say the union’s offices are a virtual ghost land.

These back-office staffers join an estimated 700 people that SEIU-UHW had already assigned to knock on Kaiser Permanente workers’ doors. They include hundreds of out-of-state organizers who parachuted into California… and homecare and nursing home workers who are being paid $900 per week, hotel, and $40 a day for food to knock on workers' doors as so-called “volunteers.”

Also, workers report that SEIU is using increasingly desperate and illegal tactics. SEIU’s door-knockers are reportedly telling workers to fill out their ballots while the organizers watch each stroke of their pens.

And SEIU's organizers -- who one worker calls “Pushy Purple People” -- are telling workers to give them their completed ballots “so we can mail it for you.” In some cases, SEIU has asked workers to drop their ballots inside purple fabric bags that the organizers are carrying.

Of course, all of this is strictly illegal! Workers’ ballots are secret. It’s illegal for anyone to pressure voters to show them how they’re voting. And it’s a violation for SEIU to even touch workers’ ballots.

Check out this report from a Kaiser worker in Southern California:

Was JUST told by a SEIU shop Steward that they where told in their last meeting that starting Monday they where going to start going door to door and tell ppl to not only vote SEIU but to make them show their ballots and mark it for them....!!!!! This Shop Steward says he told them NO and he just told me He's Done With SEIU.

How low is SEIU willing to go? 

One reader reports that an SEIU organizer knocked on her door when she wasn’t home, and then tried to convince one of her children to search the house for her ballot and bring it to the door. WTF!

What's next??   “Hey Timmy, do you see mommy’s credit card lying around?”

As they say... desperate people do desperate things.