Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kaiser Workers: "Hey SEIU-UHW, Take Your Fake Election Lit and Shove It!"

Tasty hears that SEIU-UHW officials have been taking lots of heat for including the photos of dead, terminated, and pro-NUHW workers in the union's “I’m voting for SEIU-UHW” posters and mailers. Kaiser workers have demanded that SEIU-UHW remove their photos from the union’s fake election literature… with some workers even threatening to sue SEIU-UHW.

SEIU-UHW’s response?

Here’s a shocker. Dave Regan and his communications hack, Steve Trossman, are simply ignoring their members’ phone calls and requests. Meanwhile, SEIU-UHW continues to hand out its forged election literature… which packs  about as much persuasive punch as Dave Regan’s stunningly pathetic debate performance on Monday morning. Remember this one?

Interviewer: Mr. Regan, did you encourage your union’s members to cross the picket lines set up by other Kaiser workers?
Dave Regan: Uhh… uhh… I don’t... I don’t understand the question. I really don’t. Uhh…

So... in response to SEIU-UHW's snub, some workers decided to tap their creative juices and put together their own version of SEIU-UHW’s “I’m voting SEIU-UHW” literature. Check out their spoof of SEIU's fake election lit, which the workers posted on Facebook. Make sure to page down.

Who would've guessed that SEIU-UHW’s supporters include Chevy Chase, James Brown, Congresswoman Michele Bachman, Steve Martin and Paul Newman?

Of course, given Steve Trossman’s impressive ability to PhotoShop the pictures of dead people into SEIU-UHW’s propaganda pieces, it wouldn’t surprise Tasty if we soon find pics of movie stars sprinkled throughout SEIU’s leaflets!

Finally, here’s a leaflet from NUHW that gives a detailed denunciation of just some of the fabrications and forgeries that SEIU-UHW inserted in its fake election literature at Kaiser Permanente.