Friday, April 19, 2013

"D" Is for "Desperation" in Kaiser Election

More signs of SEIU-UHW’s desperation are popping up across California.

First, SEIU-UHW’s aggressive home-visit tactics are backfiring, say sources. Dave Regan has reportedly ordered SEIU-UHW’s organizers to literally wait outside Kaiser workers’ homes for hours on end -- what some workers are calling “knock and stalk.” Many workers are simply refusing to open their doors when they see Pushy Purple People on their porches.

That’s why Regan has now instructed SEIU’s staffers to not wear any purple clothing or union buttons... on the theory that workers are more likely to open the door for the Avon Lady than an SEIU organizer who was parachuted into their neighborhood from thousands of miles away.  

Meanwhile, workers at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center report that SEIU-UHW’s organizers have begun instigating fake election incidents so they can later try to challenge a defeat at the ballot box. 

At Kaiser’s Oakland hospital, workers have reportedly seen SEIU organizers tearing down purple literature from SEIU-UHW’s bulletin boards, and then snapping photos of the shredded bulletin boards so they can try to blame NUHW supporters. 

According to observers, more dirty tricks are definitely on the way. 

Next, check out the clever changes that a reader made to the picture frame wielded by Dave Regan in an earlier post!

Here's a picture of NUHW supporters at Kaiser Fremont Medical Center in Northern California:

And, finally, a pic from a Kaiser clinic in Pinole, CA!