Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pics from Kaiser Permanente Election

With the clock quickly running down on the the three-week balloting period, here are some pics from various Kaiser facilities in California.

NUHW supporters in front of Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center

Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center... with Purple People in the Background
This looks like an altar created by one Kaiser worker

Another pic from Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center

Next, here's a picture of SEIU-UHW organizer Amalia Woods-Drake at Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center. Amalia (or "Mali") posted this on her Facebook page. Apparently, Woods-Drake has secret fantasies about becoming a CIA agent... or perhaps a Human Resources official. In recent days, she's reportedly been following NUHW supporters inside the hospital, stalking them outside their departments, and even trying to monitor their computer activity. Here's Woods-Drake as she tries to use purple Wellness treats to entice workers to SEIU's table. Hmm.. don't think the vampire look helps a lot. Just saying...

SEIU-UHW Organizer Amalia Woods Drake at Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center

One worker's take on the Purple Palace plutocrats!