Friday, April 12, 2013

Dueling Hospital Visits by NUHW and SEIU-UHW in Kaiser Election

Dave Regan: Alone on Couch

On Wednesday, Tasty shared a reader’s report about Sal Rosselli’s visit to Kaiser San Jose Medical Center. The reader said:

We had a red day today at my hospital. Red was everywhere! Sal came at lunch. Tons of people went to the cafeteria to see him. More than 150. SEIU had a table but nobody was going to their side. The purples were just looking at us, real depressed.

Well, it appears that SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan is carefully monitoring Tasty’s blog from atop his purple leather couch. Today (Friday), Regan also visited Kaiser San Jose Medical Center in hopes of reversing the Red Sea that swept the facility on Wednesday!

However, it clearly wasn't in the cards for Dave.

Check out these photos of the dueling visits by Rosselli and Regan... separated by just two days. First, here are two pics from Sal Rosselli's visit on Wednesday:

 And here's a pic from Regan's visit earlier today:

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan at Kaiser San Jose
And get this. Tasty hears that Regan’s handlers only took him to the one unit on the hospital’s campus where SEIU-UHW has any serious support. They skipped the rest of the hospital where NUHW supporters dominate. And then Regan was whisked away by his driver!