Saturday, April 20, 2013

SEIU's Mary Kay Henry Parachutes into California... and Gives 'Leadership' Lesson to SEIU Members

Check out this late-breaking story. Today, Mary Kay Henry (the president of SEIU) abandoned the cushy confines of the Purple Palace in Washington, DC and parachuted into California.


To give a speech about the righteous values that guide SEIU! 

Fortunately, a crew of rank-and-file SEIU members -- including workers from Kaiser Permanente -- was there to greet her.

Here’s the leaflet announcing Henry’s speech at a Catholic church in San Francisco.

So what happened?

Well, first of all, only about a dozen people showed up to hear Henry’s speech. When Henry arrived with her entourage,  there were seven SEIU members on the sidewalk handing out a leaflet that’s posted below. Tasty especially likes these excerpts from the leaflet:

How Ignoring Catholic Teaching Has Informed the Leadership Style of SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry

Those of us here today are San Francisco healthcare workers trapped in SEIU, a union that is more concerned about representing personal interests and those of healthcare corporations than the interests of workers. SEIU has bargained union contracts with company executives to cut pensions and health care benefits of healthcare workers. SEIU has settled these concessionary contracts with Dignity Health’s St. Mary’s and St. Francis Hospitals, with Sutter’s St. Luke’s Hospital, with Daughters of Charity’s Seton Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center—all of which have been making record profits for years.

It appears that her primary goal is to represent her interests and not the interests of those whom she claims to represent. “Hypocrite” is a word that would fit comfortably in her resumé.

“The joy of the hypocrite lasts but a moment… for he has forsaken the poor.” Job 20:5 and 19.

As Henry walked up to the church, one of the SEIU members asked if they could speak with her. Henry’s response? She simply ignored them… and wouldn’t even look at them, according to the workers!

Next... one member of Henry’s entourage -- Paula Macchello, Henry’s longtime partner -- walked up to one of the SEIU members, ripped the leaflets out of her hands, and then tore them up while spewing a string of expletives and insults at the workers.

Quite classy, right?  SEIU’s values in action… and right in front of a church!!

Henry’s entourage then entered the church to greet the no-sell-out crowd. One of the SEIU members
shot this photo, which captures Mary Kay Henry (she’s the one with the purple backpack) and Paula Macchello (in the gray hair) right after Macchello’s attempt to reenact a violent scene from the Old Testament.

But wait… that’s not the end of this story! 

One of the dozen people who actually showed up for the event was an RN who works at Stanford University Hospital. On the way into the church, she stopped and talked to the SEIU members... who told her about their struggles with SEIU’s lack of democracy and its backroom, sell-out deals with bosses that are destroying their livelihoods.

The RN eventually went into the church to hear Mary Kay’s two-hour speech. But 15 minutes later, she suddenly reappeared on the sidewalk. 

She told the SEIU members that she asked Mary Kay Henry about the leaflet and the issues raised by the SEIU members. Henry refused to answer the RN’s questions and said, “Wherever I go, I’m followed by controversy.” 

The RN was not impressed. So she walked out and told the SEIU members on the sidewalk: “I’m not going to be a part of this. I’m a member of this church, but this is not my sense of social justice.”

Quite revealing, right? With thousands of Kaiser workers casting their ballots in the NLRB election, two of SEIU’s top leaders -- Mary Kay Henry and Dave Regan (during his radio debate) -- have offered stunning performances in the past two weeks that speak volumes about SEIU’s values and its attitudes towards its rank-and-file members.

So, Kaiser workers: only nine more days to get you ballot to the NLRB's office! 

Here's the leaflet handed out by SEIU members earlier today: