Monday, April 29, 2013

More SEIU Staffers Take Fun-Filled Detours in Kaiser Election

It turns out that Aryeh Alex isn’t the only SEIU staffer who managed to squeeze lots of fun-filled adventure into his “deployment” to California for the Kaiser election. Check these pictures from Valarie Bachelor, a Political Assistant who works at SEIU's headquarters in Washington, DC.

Here's how Valarie's adventure begins...

It was a frigid 23 degrees when Valarie departed D.C. for California in January. Valarie writes: “Freezing my ass off!”

Here’s a pic of Valarie clutching her plane ticket for her escape to sunny California. She writes: “On my way to Cali!”

Here’s her SEIU-UHW identification badge.

Once in California, Valarie made a beeline for the ocean... where she took a hike along the coast and snapped this picture of the Golden Gate Bridge

On another outing, she snapped this shot of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. She writes: “Enjoying the sunset at Golden Gate State Park with wine and baklava.”

Next, Valarie posted this pic of a giant beer with this message: “Let the weekend begin!”

…hiking on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County

…a trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting

Valarie loves oysters in San Francisco. “I’m in oyster heaven!”

She also like burgers

…and Giants games at San Francisco’s baseball park

…and going to international soccer matches between Mexico and Peru

 …and sunny afternoons in San Francisco’s Dolores Park

…and getting her nails done (in red!)

 …and taquerias in San Francisco’s Mission District (that's Valarie in the mariachi cut-out!)

…and house parties in San Francisco. She says these three guys were “My band for the night!” You go, girl!

…and white wine

…and red wine (Hmm... ever heard of a wine called "The Slammer?" Sounds perfect for Valarie!)

…and oyster shooters

Most of all, Valarie says she's gonna miss the stunning hikes through California's mountains. Valarie writes: “Def gonna miss this come May!”

Well, that's the end of Valarie's California adventure... at least for the moment. A special thanks to the Purple Palace for giving Valarie this wonderful opportunity... and for carefully spending bucketfuls of SEIU members' dues on Valarie's airfare, hotel, rental car, food budget, etc!